Case Study 
Crowdhouse Property Like/Dislike

Crowdhouse Private Real Estate makes it possible for the first time to purchase pre-tested contractually secured return properties at a fixed price with just a click of the mouse.


Not many clients have used the like/dislike feature. How can we either improve it or take another approach in order to achieve the same goal? 


In order to understand users reaction about the current like/dislike feature, I asked a few questions with an assumption of Millennials as a target audience. Same questions were asked with two following pages: 

  • Have you bought a property before?
  • Would you use like/dislike buttons to sort out your investing choices?
  • Would you use ‘Add to my list’ button?
  • Does this page explain explicitly to say you either like/dislike the property?
  • Do you think the like/dislike system is restrictive?
  • What do you suggest Crowdhouse to help you to find your best match for investing?
  • Would you recommend this page to your family and friends?


Based on understanding the problem, I’ve started to explore more with adding a customized filter since Millennials are naturally DIYers (do-it-yourselfers). This will also help them to figure out what are their priorities on buying their first property and they will stay on our website longer.


  • Add a filter on the Overview page.
  • Update ‘Buyer Profile’ to match with the new filter.
  • Change Like to Favorite and Dislike to Xout to be more sharply defined only on the detailed page.
  • Add ‘My Favorites’ separately from ‘My Real State’ since you still need to unlock a property in order to view all related documents. 
  • Remove ‘Add to my list’ since it’s redundant with ‘My Favorites’.
  • Remove questionaire pop-ups after you click like/dislike feature.
  • These websites should be a facelift to observe people’s behaviors daily until we see any results.

Overview page

Preview page

Detailed page