Skyactiv® Technology iAd

SKYACTIV® TECHNOLOGY is one of the innovative ways Mazda makes driving better. This iAd package creates awareness for Mazda's new technology through experiential content, such as informative videos and entertaining puzzles.

iAd is a discontinued mobile advertising platform developed by Apple.


Learning a new technology might seem overwhelming and definitely boring than getting a new car. How can we make it more entertaining but informative iAd experience?


After people have the iAd experience, they remember key facts about the new technology and it gives them just enough information to spark their curiosity. 


With an art director and copywriter, we brainstormed daily how we can incorporate simple games, puzzles, videos, or wallpapers as a learning tool. We worked closely with other team members who created a website where we want people to visit after checking out the iAd to have one design language.

Mockups and Visual Design