Numbrs have one goal - to give you control over your finances. With over 1.5 million managed bank accounts, it is one of the most widely used banking apps in Germany. Get Numbrs app, visit the Money Store, and benefit from carefully selected bank products and exclusive offers. 


With a new logo, what do we need to change on for rebranding? 


With marketing, we revisited the web content to be more up-to-date and informative for users. With product team, we analyzed users needs and make decisions on an agile design process. With design, we evaluated the current information architecture and defined how to make it easier for users to find what they need. With engineering, we discussed frameworks, animations, and deliverables.


Based on the understanding, we’ve started to build a responsive design system and figure out each behavior: components, text specs, hero images, and etc.

Mockups and Visual Design          

We created several screens and detailed specs to communicate explicitly with engineers. With marketing, we worked together to translate in English and German. 

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